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Our Mission

To provide retirees and unaccompanied homeless youth advanced quality medical services, seminars, and a life care home. The organization will provide senior citizen and youth living centers in the City and Borough of Juneau, Alaska providing quality services for its residents. The organization aims to deliver focused services and build up goals to improve its clients’ life care needs and career choices.

Charles I Wilson, III, President

Charles I Wilson, III, President

Our housing facility will be designed to meet the needs of two distinct groups: senior citizens and unaccompanied homeless youth. To qualify for the housing program senior citizens must be age 65 or older, receive government assistance or have sufficient private income to pay fees; and demonstrate a willingness to pay it forward and help youth who reside in the facility. Unaccompanied homeless youth are those youth considered “couch surfers” and/or “at-risk”. These youth must demonstrate a desire to improve their self-worth and self-esteem, obtain their GED, pursue job training, and possibly attend college.

Individuals will learn about our housing program through newspapers, fliers to various existing agencies such as homeless shelters, schools, social services, senior centers, etc.; local elected officials, radio announcements, website, and social media. Primarily, individuals will contact us about entering the program through referrals from other agencies and directly calling the facility. Once individuals contact the organization they will complete an application and go through a one-on-one interview.

In the application there will be questions regarding the seniors’ health history and financial status. Seniors must submit documentation that they are on government assistance or have sufficient private out-of-pocket income. The organization will accept senior citizens for those who require up through ambulatory care. For youth the application will include financial status and history/background. Youth entering the program must agree to abide by and submit to intermittent drug tests. After the application and one-on-one interview, individuals will receive approval as one of our residents or be informed as to why they do not qualify.

about-usAs part of the application process, our staff and volunteers will provide an orientation of the facility, technology center, waterway around the facility for walking and exercising; TV room, and conference room. The conference room will be used for families to meet with senior residents and seniors to meet with youth when coaching them to achieve, make their dreams come true, and break any addiction habits they may have. The organization will develop a waiting list eligible individuals will be placed on when the facility is full. Prama Home, Inc. will contact people on the waiting list on a first come, first served basis.

Seniors will pay rental fees that range from $2500 to $5000 depending upon the scale of income availability, whether government or private funds, and level of care. Youth will not pay a fee for their housing but will be expected to work in the on property greenhouse that will grow food to meet the needs of the facility. However, if youth have the funds because they are working in the community, they will be expected to pay rent that will be a percentage of their income (not to exceed 30%). Seniors and youth residing in the facility will receive three meals per day as part of their rental payments.

Income assessments will be done based upon the needs of residents and the upkeep of the facility in a first class fashion. Every three to six months, Prama Home, Inc. will conduct income verifications for its residents. The organization will solicit funds from the public that can be used to offset resident costs. If residents are struggling to pay the fees, our staff and volunteers will work with the resident and seek out funds to subsidize their fees.

Length of stay for youth will vary based upon their age and need. Age groups for youth will range from high school age (dropouts) up to age 25. As long as the youth is pursuing their GED or another form of schooling such as trade school or college, they may stay in the facility up to age 25. Seniors may reside in the facility for as long as they obey housing rules, participate in mentoring youth, and remain ambulatory. If residents are not following housing program rules, we will provide as many chances as possible to correct the behavior before they must leave the program. If for some reason, a resident is abusive or begins using drugs or alcohol and will not change their behavior after counseling they will be asked to leave.

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