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Our Programs

What We Offer

Prama Home, Inc. will hire highly advanced, State of Alaska licensed staff e.g. one person to manage the Senior Citizens in their units and the other to manage youth in the dormitory units. Both managers will supervise those working in their assigned domain. We will strive to build up seniors and youth biological, medical, mental, physical, spiritual and growth needs. The organization will provide a variety of services designed to meet the needs of its residents including “Pay It Forward” Interpersonal Seminars, counseling, college tours, field trips, transportation to medical appointments, and educational advancement assistance.

For our seniors, we will provide various activities including trips to nearby shopping centers, Downtown Juneau Centennial Hall, etc. In addition, the organization will have an ambulance and tour bus on property to provide for any transportation needs. Medical care provided to seniors will be per their physician’s directives for the seniors and youth. We will label and keep all medications in a secure location for distribution per the prescription. Staff will keep records and charts concerning each senior’s care and treatment to ensure proper documentation for physicians.

Prama Home, Inc. will also hold seminars to teach seniors and youth to work together for training and coaching purposes. Our intention is for seniors to work with youth to ensure their continued advancement. This will also serve to keep seniors engaged so ennui does not set in during their golden years. Youth and seniors will participate in one-on-one meetings to discuss life skills, education, employment, etc. The seniors will essentially act as role models for our youth residents. Staff will be on hand to support both youth and seniors in these efforts.

Fotolia_55768308_Subscription_Monthly_MThe organization will have a “youth tutorial program” for resident youth to help build them up for successful futures. Prama Home, Inc. will administer a pre-test and post- test with questions to assess youth’s personal self-esteem. The tests will serve to help us (1) develop enhanced self esteem, (2) help youth believe in themselves and know they can achieve unlimited goals, (3) coach youth to see themselves as worthy human-beings who can achieve personally, and (4) provide lessons in individual skills develop and coaching in drafting their own mission statements, goals, and objectives. These tests will be in administered the first day and then 10 months later so we ascertain our young people’s personal growth and development. After administering the posttest, we will tally the results and keep them as a record of outcomes from our engagement with our young people.

Within this program, we will educate youth in self-esteem development, provide counseling, intervention communication with the youth’s family, coach them on completing their GED, becoming mentally prepared to select a job skill, how to obtain a job including interview practice training, etc. Our onsite technology center will have a computer area and a presentation area. In the presentation area, youth will be required to present to each other about issues they have confronted. Prama Home, Inc. will also provide field trips to areas of interest such as St. Theresa Sanctuary and Chapel and Glacier Gardens. All clients will be expected to get or have a library card to check out books. In so doing our youth will receive a tour of the library by a librarian. On our agenda is for youth to sign an agreement to read 15 minutes five days a week. Youth will complete and sign a check sheet with “I did read 15 minutes” or “I did not read 15 minutes”.

To correct the issue of dysfunctional families that plagues our youth, we will have our youth write letters to their parents. The purpose of the letters are to have fun and have Q & A dialogues between parents and children so that parents are encouraged to share with their children matters of interest to them. We will encourage youth to ask questions about their history including how they got their name, where their family is from, where they were born, family history, family medical history, etc. Questions will be written by the youth and put into letters that will be mailed to the parents to elicit dialogues between parents and their children.

In addition, the organization will take youth on tours of MASS GED and Technology Center and various college and higher learning institutions. By visiting institutions of higher learning and being on college campus sites, we believe youth’s interests will go further toward attending and completing college or taking on a job skill-training program. Once youth have completed their GED, our next step will be to help them apply for job training programs or college. First, for those youth who wish to attend college, we will assist them in studying for and taking ACT/SAT exams. Next, our staff, volunteers, and seniors will work with youth to complete application forms, locate and apply for scholarships, and complete FAFSA applications. Once forms are completed, we will assist in mailing applications to the colleges and scholarship committees.

Our Social Mission Includes:

Physical Health

Space for exercise and physical therapy, including pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, and exercise room. Facility to include for outdoor access, including nearby trails, gardening spaces.

Social Health

Space to accommodate communication and interaction. Web enabled communications, interaction with youth also served on this campus. Easy access to community services and public transportation.

Community Living

Individual senior rooms and bathrooms configured around common living and activity spaces. Youth dorms to foster community & participation.

Mental Health

Space for arts, crafts, traditional activities such as subsistence harvest processing, pet areas, and family gathering areas.

Safety & Security

A safe environment with quick and safe access to community emergency services. The facility includes on-site manager’s residence and 24-hour staffing.

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